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Art is my temple, my sanity, my joy and my rest, especially when it takes me on a deep-dive into Ancient Egypt. All the pieces I make are inspired by the ancient history of my land, whether in the themes or the medium. For me, making art, exploring Ancient Egypt and storytelling are acts of discovery and transcendence.
I hope these feelings make their way to the eyes and hands that touch these pieces. I hope every time they look at them, their spirit feels lighter, deeper, happier. I hope it gives them a moment of respite, connects them to deeper meanings they are seeking , evokes  a space of peace they long for.
I also hope it gives them a spark, an insight, an inspiration, a story that can be part of their reference points as they move through their journey. I hope it delights them, stops time for a moment, immerses them in a sweet stillness full of life and love. Like the uni-verse that binds us all together, like a deep breath of very fresh air, like a breeze that stays. Like the timelessness, universality and wonder of the Ancient Egyptian aesthetics.
Love matters. History matters. Truth matters. Knowledge matters. Wisdom matters. Beauty matters. Try to touch them all. I’m trying too, through my art.
Welcome to my MALAKOOT

Slide FINE ART PRINT Cat or Lion? Fine Art Print based on a hand drawing on papyrus using ink colors. Digitally edited. Slide FINE ART PRINT Wadjet, protector of Pharoh & Egypt Fine Art Print based on a collage designed by Dina Shalaby using handmade mosaics painted with acrylic colors and applied on papyrus.
Digitally edited.

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