How Big Is Your Heart


Dimensions: Mini ( 14 x 20 cm) Medium (35 x 50 cm) Large (48 x 70 cm)

Inspired by a jar from the tomb of Senedjem in Deir el Madina, Luxor, 19th dynasty (circa 1280-1213 BC); currently displayed at Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy.

Fine art print made on archival fine art japanese Epson paper. Digitally edited print of original drawing by artist made on papyrus using ink colors and marker.

20 limited edition prints available, signed and numbered by Dina Shalaby.

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Deir el-Medina is an ancient Egyptian village on the west bank of the Nile, opposite modern-day Luxor, which was home to the artisans who worked on the tombs in the Valley of the Kings during the 18th -20th  dynasties.

The settlement’s ancient name was Set maat meaning “The Place of Truth”, and the workmen who lived there were called “Servants in the Place of Truth”.The Ancient Egyptian artisan Sennedjem lived in Set Maat during the reigns of Seti I and Ramesses II.

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