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Akhenaten The Spiritual Rebel

Dimensions:  Mini (36 x 50 cm) Medium (36 x 50 cm)  Large (50 x 70 cm)  Extra Large (64 x 90 cm)

Inspired by a sunk relief from 1355-1336 BC, Amarna, modern day Minya, 300km south of Cairo; displayed at the Metropolitan museum in New York

Fine art print based on a collage designed by Dina Shalaby using handmade mosaics painted with acrylic colors. Digitally edited. 3 color options available.

20 limited edition prints available for each color option, regardless of size; signed and numbered by Dina Shalaby.


Blinded By Love

Dimensions: Mini (14 x 20 cm)

Original artwork by Dina Shalaby. 

Fine art print made on archival fine art Japanese Epson paper. Digitally edited print of original drawing by artist made on cardboard using ink colors and marker.

10 limited edition prints available; signed and numbered by Dina Shalaby.